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deshun and yasmine wooten

Welcome to our blog!  We are Deshun and Yasmine and we’re a husband and wife team who has been photographing weddings and portraits for the last 13 years.  On this blog you’ll find featured shoots with a description of each session updated monthly.  To see brand new photos, updated daily with sample images from every wedding/portrait event we photograph, click here on our Dapper Images Facebook Page.  Thanks for stopping by!

San Diego Bachelorette Party :: Erica

If you’re looking for something fun and unique to do for your bachelorette party – this could be it!  I love the creative ideas that Erica and her friends came up with to celebrate in a fun girly way!  There are so many amazing moments from this day, but here’s a few images to tell the story.  We started by shooting on the lawn at Humphrey’s By The Bay Hotel, where the girls were dressed in bright colored dresses with flowers in their hair.  Hula hoops, bubbles, and croquet were a part of the fun.  The girls took some shots in swimsuits and heels by the pool,  and then we headed to the hotel room for mini boudoir sessions!  More shots followed in the lobby for the ‘bachelorette party dresses’ part of the photo shoot, then followed with Downtown San Diego party scene shots at Red Circle (where Erica entered a beauty contest that happened to be going on that night, spur of the moment, and won a cash prize!) and Vin De Syrah Wine Parlor.  If you’ve never been to Syrah, I highly recommend a visit, this Alice In Wonderland themed Wine Bar is like nothing I’ve ever seen before!  The decor and atmosphere are fabulously amazing! – don’t know how to describe it so I’ll just say that.


Katrina is our dance teacher, it was such a treat to take these shots of her!  We are keeping Katrina in our prayers – she got diagnosed with breast cancer and goes in for chemo soon and then a double mastectomy.  I know she is going to be strong and get through this!  It was so sweet of the dance studio to give her this session to her as a gift.  We are wishing all the best for you in your recovery Katrina.

Tori's Boudoir Session

Victoria is surprising her husband with a sexy birthday gift…….he is going to love it!!  She wore his favorite lingerie, she says that he would never suspect her doing a B-session and that he’ll be really surprised….fun!

Alyna's Boudoir Session

Alyna + Chad are getting married in August, and this shoot was supposed to be a wedding surprise for Chad……but oops!  He found the disc in her purse and assumed it was the engagement disc, Alyna walked into the room to see Chad happily viewing the images on her computer ‘these images are hot babe!’ completely oblivious to the fact that they were supposed to be a surprise gift for him!  But he loved them!  So that’s why I get to post them on the blog now instead of after their wedding…I love her pics.  Alyna is really shy but you can’t tell here.




Kim's Boudoir Session | In Studio

Had a great time with Kim – she’s a volleyball player, so we incorporated that into our session by using a volleyball, sand, and oiling her up!  The rest of the session was feminine, and Kim is very photogenic,  so she made my job very easy.  Her husband Mark pulled me aside at the wedding to let me know how pleased he was….yay!  If you’re interested in seeing more from this shoot or other full boudoir sessions, just contact us for a password to a private gallery.