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Welcome to our blog!  We are Deshun and Yasmine and we’re a husband and wife team who has been photographing weddings and portraits for the last 13 years.  On this blog you’ll find featured shoots with a description of each session updated monthly.  To see brand new photos, updated daily with sample images from every wedding/portrait event we photograph, click here on our Dapper Images Facebook Page.  Thanks for stopping by!

Behind The Scenes

Morning Treats at Dapper Images Studio

latte art and english toffee culinary photography san diego




Morning treats at the Studio, early day for us today – rise and shine (ugh) just kidding, but yeah, we’re night owls.  It’s a habit for us to start the day with a healthy breakfast, so since that’s out of the way, we’re munching on some toffee that Yasmine cooked up yesterday, paired with lattes!  Yum yum!  Those of you who know us well will know about our obsession with espresso and latte art, yes we’re crazy about our espresso machine, and we have tons of fun coming up with new coffee drinks!  Yas poured a latte art heart for Deshun and a Rosetta Leaf for herself….in a few minutes there will be traces of foam in our mugs and crumbs on the plate, cheers!

xoxo ~ yas + d

latte art and english toffee culinary photography san diegolatte art and english toffee culinary photography san diegolatte art and english toffee culinary photography san diego

Red Velvet Lattes | Just in time for Valentine's

We are so excited to offer our recipe for Red Velvet Lattes!  If you’re already one of our wedding clients, you know all about our homemade Red Velvet Cupcakes paired with our Vanilla Lattes or Carmel Macchiatos.  So for our new latte flavor and recipe of the month, we came up with ‘Red Velvet Lattes’!  Genius we think!  Here’s the recipe and let us know how yours come out!

Red Velvet Latte

1 tsp cocoa powder

1/2 tsp red food color

1 tsp sugar

1 TBS vanilla syrup (such as Starbucks or Torani)

1/2 C. Milk or Soymilk

Whisk cocoa powder, sugar, food color, and vanilla syrup in a coffee cup.  Use same cup to draw one or two shots of espresso, whichever strength you prefer.  Steam the milk and pour on top of the espresso.  Enjoy!

Latte Art

Some of you might know that Deshun used to work at Starbucks as a barista prior to us pursuing our photography career, and we’ve always carried our love of coffee into our photo world.  With that we bring our love of food, and since we already have a photography blog, why not share some of our food ideas and recipes with you all?  This is our first entry of ‘Phood’, we hope you enjoy all our little goodies.  This photo shows our journey in latte art, a quest that was a bit more difficult than we anticipated, but gallons of milk and pounds of coffee later, we’re finally getting it down!  If sipping lattes wasn’t already fun, now it’s an even prettier experience.  Stay tuned for espresso recipes coming soon, pictured here is our vanilla latte.

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