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Stone Gardens Fallbrook Wedding | Daniel & Amira

The wedding of Daniel and Amira, Stone Gardens Fallbrook.  A few photographs from their ambient outdoor wedding celebration.


Daniel is always smiling, we love his positive, fun loving attitude.

I’m so glad Amira said yes when I asked her if I could spend 5-10 minutes alone with her before she put her dress on. Here’s one of the photos from this segment, the rest are for Daniel’s eyes only.

The couple exchanged vows in a beautiful setting surrounded by waterfalls and a canopy of branches and twinkle lights. Lots of smiles exchanged as well, Daniel and Amira are always smiling and laughing.

The newlyweds right after the wedding ceremony.

Off camera studio lighting – giving Amira’s face a soft glow.

A dress change for the bride and the final shot of the night.  When we asked this couple at our studio what their wedding vision was, they said they wanted it to be fun, for everyone to have a good time – a big party.  Daniel and Amira made it that, and we are honored to have photographed their wedding and gained two amazing friends. Stay tuned for the couple’s Rock the Gown Session at a ranch, and on a horse….excited to post those soon.  Love you guys!  xo ~Yas + D

Tori's Boudoir Session

Victoria is surprising her husband with a sexy birthday gift…….he is going to love it!!  She wore his favorite lingerie, she says that he would never suspect her doing a B-session and that he’ll be really surprised….fun!

Alyna's Boudoir Session

Alyna + Chad are getting married in August, and this shoot was supposed to be a wedding surprise for Chad……but oops!  He found the disc in her purse and assumed it was the engagement disc, Alyna walked into the room to see Chad happily viewing the images on her computer ‘these images are hot babe!’ completely oblivious to the fact that they were supposed to be a surprise gift for him!  But he loved them!  So that’s why I get to post them on the blog now instead of after their wedding…I love her pics.  Alyna is really shy but you can’t tell here.




Kim's Boudoir Session | In Studio

Had a great time with Kim – she’s a volleyball player, so we incorporated that into our session by using a volleyball, sand, and oiling her up!  The rest of the session was feminine, and Kim is very photogenic,  so she made my job very easy.  Her husband Mark pulled me aside at the wedding to let me know how pleased he was….yay!  If you’re interested in seeing more from this shoot or other full boudoir sessions, just contact us for a password to a private gallery.






Paige's Boudoir Session | In Studio