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Old Ranch Country Club Wedding, Seal Beach CA | Jamie + Dylan

We were glad to be back at the beautiful Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach to photograph Jamie and Dylan’s wedding.  We had fun with their gigantic bridal party, everyone was up for having a good time with us!  The couple’s grey and purple color scheme was so pretty against the green golf course – just love the guys’ grey suits!  Below are just a few highlights of the day…..enjoy!  XoXo~ Yas + D

Love it when we get to sneak the couple away from the reception (for just a few minutes) to take some ambient night shots!

Golf Course Wedding, Wedgewood Fallbrook, Missy + Matt

Glamorous touches make this Golf Course wedding at Wedgewood Fallbrook fun and flirty!  Paris Hilton leopard shoes with pink bottoms for the girls, pink ties for the guys.  Let’s not forget about the bling’d out bouquet holder, this was so fun to hold and to photograph…great for princess factor but a bit of a workout!  We loved working with Missy for the 4th time already…and there’s a story behind that.  Aside from the couple’s engagement session, we’ve photographed two weddings that Missy has been in.  We were thrilled when all three friends who got engaged around the same time decided to have the same photographer to make the experience more personal.  It’s been such a treat to be a part of all 3 weddings, first Stephanie and Johnny, then Maranda and Jonathan, and now finally Missy and Matt….and all in 9 months time!  I think the girls are going to become ‘The Wedding Chicks’ or something and be the new wedding planning team, they’ve been planning all three weddings together back to back so they got it down now! (Either that or they are so done with wedding-y stuff!??)  Below are a few moments from this beautiful Golf Course wedding.  Click here to see Missy and Matt’s engagement session.


fallbrook wedding venues wedgewood photographyOooh the bling’d out bouquet, I want one.  So divalicious!  Missy says she will reuse as a vase/decor in the home later…love it! Etsy.com


fallbrook wedding venues wedgewood photography

fallbrook wedding venues wedgewood photography

fallbrook wedding venues wedgewood photography


fallbrook wedding venues wedgewood photographyFather and daughter.  The first moment that the couple sees each other.


fallbrook wedding venues wedgewood photographyfallbrook wedding venues wedgewood photography6:55 PM


fallbrook wedding venues wedgewood photographyfallbrook wedding venues wedgewood photographyDJ and Lighting by Music Phreek

fallbrook wedding venues wedgewood photographyLove you guys!  XOXO- Yas + D

Wedding Photography, The Crossings Carlsbad, San Diego | Ashley + Cernan

Loving these final few wedding teasers from Ashley and Cernan’s wedding at The Crossings in Carlsbad, San Diego.  This first panoramic photograph is taking my breath away!  We adore the next two closeup images that show off the wedding couple’s faces. (and the bride’s cute heart tattoo)  One of the photographs of Ashley and her father walking her toward the aisle are posted below, and I’m just loving how Deshun captured this shot from above, and the way Ashley’s hair is blowing and wedding dress trailing in motion.  The last image shows the wedding ceremony from an unpredictable point of view, credit again to Deshun for crawling through the bushes with the infrared camera to give this photograph it’s dreamy nature.  Ashley and Cernan, and friends and family, we hope you enjoy these last few teasers, the rest are coming very soon.  You are welcome to copy these images to Facebook and share with others as long as our logo stays on the images. With love – Yasmine + Deshun.  Click here to see other country/golf club weddings.

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The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding Photography, San Diego | Ashley + Cernan

So excited to post the first wedding teaser from Ashley and Cernan’s wedding at The Crossings in Carlsbad, San Diego.  Love this artistic photography of the bride in a field at the wedding venue, these yellow wildflowers are the couple’s wedding color which we think makes it extra special.  See other country/golf club weddings.

The Crossings Carlsbad Wedding Photography, San Diego

Amanda + Trinnon's Wedding | Carmel Valley Ranch Country Club, San Diego

We loved shooting Amanda and Trinnon’s wedding, such a fun loving couple!  Amanda is very spunky – high energy, and it was great getting to capture all her emotions, especially when they saw each other for the first time after Amanda had gotten all dolled up.  We headed to the green for formals after that, and the ceremony and reception followed.    The lounge themed reception was gorgeous, with appetizer stations and cocktails instead of a sit-down dinner, beautiful lounge furniture and cocktail tables, and great music to get the party going.

Amanda sees her big sexy hair for the first time

The pre-party beverage of choice

Amanda's brother walks her down, I love the dreaminess of infrared

we said goodbye to the couple and sent them off to party some more, at this point they hadn't even had a bite to eat (only drink) - hope they finally got to eat! 🙂