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Green Gables Wedding, San Marcos CA | Glenn & Danielle

Green Gables Wedding, San Marcos CA | Glenn & Danielle

One of the things that stays in our minds after the wedding is Danielle’s sweet face and just how calm but joyous she was as she got ready for the wedding.  Glenn didn’t have enough wonderful things to say about his ‘heart’ as he referred to her in the touching speech he gave for her during the reception, which had everyone in tears.  From the engagement session to the save the date cards/invitations and on to the wedding, the vision was to incorporate lace and rustic wood grain with the juxtaposition of glam chandeliers.  The design elements with the help of the day of coordinator Will at Green Gables Wedding Estate came together.  Love the little surprises that the venue left for Danielle in the bridal room, there were scrabble letters and a banner hung to welcome the bride. Some of our favorite newlywed photos of the day were the shots with the greenery surrounding the couple and the glowing twinkle light photos.  Thank you Danielle and Glenn for having us on your special day, Congratulations!!

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green_gables_wedding_san_marcos_001-002 green_gables_wedding_san_marcos_005-006green_gables_wedding_san_marcos_003-004

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Check out their lacy, romantic engagement session here.  San Diego Engagement Session Photography | Danielle and Glenn

Green Gables Wedding, San Marcos CA | Glenn & Danielle

Green Gables Wedding Photography and Cinematography | Dustin & Katrina

Green Gables Wedding Photography and Cinematography, San Marcos

Airy modern-vintage garden wedding at Green Gables wedding Estate in San Marcos CA.  Katrina and Dustin are fashion forward and creatively styled a personalized wedding theme around their interests.  Fun, family, friends and comedic moments captured on this love filled day.  One of the great benefits of our team capturing the day with stills and footage is consistent style of editing.  And with each of us photographing and filming throughout the day the coverage is seamless and allows for more candid captures.  Dustin and Katrina’s friends and family are energetic and fun loving, and by giving them space (with just the right amount of direction) allowed for their personalities to shine through.  This couple booked us two years prior to the wedding and we had been waiting for what felt like ‘forever’ for the big day.  While working on the title ‘Dr. and Dr.’ they wanted to leave ample to time to plan for the title of ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ and between medical school and studying they still had time for the cutest instagram posts!  We had the opportunity to get to know the couple by photographing the engagement session and sharing thai food together.  They introduced us to Bahn Thai, now one of our fav spots to eat when shooting in San Diego!  Thank you Katrina and Dustin for trusting us to capture your memories and allowing us to blend our style with yours, love you guys!


Green Gables Wedding San Marcos Green Gables Wedding San Marcos Green Gables Wedding San Marcos Green Gables Wedding San Marcos Green Gables Wedding San Marcos Green Gables Wedding San Marcos Green Gables Wedding San Marcos Green Gables Wedding San Marcos Green Gables Wedding San Marcos Green Gables Wedding San Marcos Green Gables Wedding San Marcos Green Gables Wedding San Marcos Green Gables Wedding San Marcos Green Gables Wedding San Marcos Green Gables Wedding San Marcos Green Gables Wedding San Marcos


Ha ha, the ringbearer mimicking Dustin during the garter toss – priceless!

Look at how gorgeous the tent reception looks with custom up-lighting by Music Phreek DJ and his team.  Highly recommend adding up-lighting for ambiance in person and in photos!

Green Gables Wedding Photography and Cinematography, San Marcos

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Twin Oaks Garden Wedding, San Marcos | Ryan & Serena

One of our favorite wedding venues – the fairytale-esque (is that a word?) Twin Oaks Garden! Although it used to be a schoolhouse long ago, and some of the chalkboards left behind are used in a fresh way, the glitz and glamour has been added by the multiple chandeliers and plush antique furniture. A girl cannot dream of a more beautiful bridal room! Thank you Serena and Ryan for being so so amazing and for letting us capture your contagious smiles. The two of you are so special individually and you deserve each other, you have so much beauty on the inside and out! Love you guys!

twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0449twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0441twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0556twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0430twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0408twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0450twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0453twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0454twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0003twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0026twin oaks garden wedding san marcostwin oaks garden wedding san marcos twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0064twin oaks garden wedding san marcostwin oaks garden wedding san marcos twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0204twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0210twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0203twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0214twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0243twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0255twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0260twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0379twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0376twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0372twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0328twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0477twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0664twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0664twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0544twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0537twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0549twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0551twin oaks garden wedding san marcos-0559

Fire Island Lighthouse New York Wedding | Joe & Suzy


Can’t believe it took so long to get Suzy and Joe’s wedding on the blog! Our first New York wedding and we got to photograph one of the sweetest couples that have now become our friends. #doubledate #sweetpotatohashbrownbuddies ha ha. Yeah thanks for introducing us to the sweet potato tater tots, now we can’t get enough of them, and for sharing our love for great espresso! Joe and Suzy are both from New York but live here locally. With pretty much their whole family and lots of friends in New York, they decided to have their wedding back home. We’re so glad one of our past brides shared their wedding with Suzy and put in a good word for us! Suzy and Joe were attracted to the fashion flair in our photography and with their wedding taking place at Fire Island Lighthouse, we had so much to work with. Here are some highlights from this vintage, pin-up inspired wedding. Thank you Suzy and Joe for having us capture your memories – love you guys! xox

Suzy loves skulls and roses, which was tied into many of the wedding details.

This is Alpha. Such a dapper member of the bridal party.

One of my favorite shots of Joe, I dig the reflection of his face in the glass.


Then again this might be the fav of Joe

Suzy’s Pin-up style inspired the next few images

Reflection of trees and clouds in the car hood, with touches of sun flare – love!

These were really some cool vintage dresses

Beautiful Bride

Wedding Present….all smiles

The bride’s good friend Alaena is happy that we jumped into the photobooth for a pose with her and the father of the bride.

Twin Oaks Garden Wedding San Marcos | Phillip & Jessica

Q&A with Jess and Phil

How and when did you meet? Phillip and I actually met on Myspace! Back in 2006, Phillip saw me on a mutual friend’s page and decided to write and tell me I had great smile. This led to the worst first date ever. We agreed to meet Denny’s. I thought he was too shy and he thought it was odd that I ate pancakes with my hands. We parted ways and didn’t speak for 2 years. Myspace brought us together again when Phillip decided to read my blog posts and was intrigued by what I had to say. We began talking and each realized that he was only shy because he was nervous and that pancakes are an acceptable food to eat with your hands. We then went on the best second first date in history,  and have been laughing together ever since.

How and when did the proposal take place? Phillip had planned a really sweet evening with friends and was going to propose at the end of it. But a series of unfortunate events led to me ending in the emergency room. Instead of postponing the proposal, Phillip got down on one knee right there in the emergency room. We celebrated the proposal and my recovery with the hospital staff and toasted with hospital issued juice. It was amazing.

What was the overall theme and/or style of the wedding? Southern Romance

Interesting facts about the couple? As children, we were both signed with the same entertainment agency but never met till we were adults.

Where do you reside and what are your occupations? We live in Glendale, CA. Phillip is a Costume Concept Artist for television and film and I am a stay at home mom/ nursing student.

What is your advice to brides currently planning a wedding? Remember to have fun and go with your gut! Choose vendors who feel like friends and don’t waste time with any vendor who makes you feel uncomfortable.

I just can’t say enough about (wedding vendor):  We simply can’t say enough about virtually everyone we met through this process. Everyone really worked together to make this the best day of our lives. Our venue, Twin Oaks, has the most amazing staff we could ever ask for. Megan and Mariah (our coordinators) were dedicated, enthusiastic and always made us feel special. Becky, the pastry chef at Twin Oaks, took it upon herself to make a special cake for our daughter. She turned into a lifelong friend. Dapper Images (our photography team) really stands out because of their commitment to detail,
work ethic, and ability to make us feel like we’ve known them half our lives. And we cannot sing enough praises for Leroy’s Sweet Potato Shack! They baked the most amazing sweet potato cheesecakes, pies, and other goodies. They took our order last minute and delivered more than we could have asked for!


Wedding Pros:

Florist: Jerri Disney
Rentals: Found Vintage Rental
Entertainment: Herbie Smith, DJ
Videographer: Dapper Images

Condor’s Nest Ranch Wedding, Pala :: Sarah + Trey

Condor’s Nest Ranch Wedding, Pala CA

We have been anticipating this Pala Wedding at Condor’s Nest Ranch because we’ve heard so many great things about this venue, and even then it exceeded our expectations!  Sarah and Trey are such an amazing couple to work with, and their love for each other is so evident.  We loved listening to the touching vows they wrote for each other, there were many happy tears to photograph on this day!  (Check out the ‘Hankies for your tears, or your pockets’ clothesline of handkerchiefs the couple built!)  You can tell by the detail images below that lots of time was spent into creating them, they are so beautiful and creative!  Also love how the Condor’s Nest Ranch provides mismatched dinner plates, the designs go so well together – so fun!  Thanks to Ady from Makeup By Ady for making Sarah and her bridesmaids look extra pretty.  Hair by Brandy Sanford (Porter & Hudson Salon, Pacific Beach).   Cute cupcakes were cut for cake cutting, provided by Baby Cakes.  Wedding gown from D’Angelo, Mission Valley.  Hope we get to photograph at the Condor’s Nest Ranch again soon.  Click here to see more rustic San Diego weddings.

condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-1 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-2 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-3 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-4 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-5 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-6 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-7 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-8 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-9 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-10 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-11 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-12 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-13 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-14 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-15 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-16 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-17 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-18 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-19 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-20 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-21 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-22 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-23 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-24 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-25 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-26 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-27 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-28 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-29 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-30 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-31 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-32 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-33 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-34 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-35 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-36 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-37 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-38 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-39 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-40 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-41 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-42 condors-nest-ranch-wedding-pala-venue-43


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